Saturday, January 02, 2010

Gooodbyyeee 2009. Welcommme 2010

I know I'm quite late. 2 days in the new yr already! Anyway, I found a new way to blog- my iPhone! ;)
though it's a bit tiring typing each letters but Beggers can't b chosers.. No laptop, this shall b the best way out.

I have pen my goals for the new yr & hope I can achieve each of them.
First in my list that I wrote - LOSE Weight! No need to further elaborate how much weight I gained..
This weight issue is driving me nuts.. Can't seem to drop kilos at all!!

Definately,Other than losing weight, i have set myself more career targets and life targets.
A yr wiser.. Gosh.. How time flies..

When we were all younger, we used to hear this from all adults saying how time flies but it doesn't seem so when
we are younger.. Now that we all feel so, I realise I'm the old adult now.. Telling my nephews n cousins all that stuffs..

2009 - I left the european world in apr n hello Asia hrs.. I miss my dear frens I know there but nv regret leaving the job itself.
Gg back to sales is challenging.. I'm glad so far so gd.. Could be better of cos.
My dear fren, Pearline gave birth to a sweet angel - Joy.. She is indeed our bundle of joy..

What's up next for 2010? More wedding invitations..more babies.. Oh no.. I'm goanna b so brokezz.. :0

Monday, November 02, 2009

haven been online since my lappie died on me.. the only time i was online is either at work or with my iphone downloading kids games..
time seem never enuff these days & guess what I'm just 2 mths away from 2010. my resolutions made this year is not even 10% close.. See... I have wasted another yr..! Cant imagine *angry*
though busy, I manage to make a trip with my pal to batam abt a week ago.. we spoke alot. and I realise when was the last time we really had the chance to do so.. speaking of which, we had a conversation abt us and our other frens.. i guess we are just different from the rest.. we are the problematic gals.. =P sometimes its not so easy to be simple.. simplicity is truly a blessing..
I'm re-adjusting my plans and will be held up with the plan to start an online store.. the stuff we will be having is definitely cool.. details will be finalise soon... I hope life gets better and Ade can be happier...

Monday, August 03, 2009

I'm blogging now from Starbucks@ Ion Orchard. sitting there alone and ppl watching.

feeling stressed up i would say.

boss gave me a big task. plc me in a good team to get my sales. & i must, i must get my numbers in if not i would not do justice to him n myself. I know he is giving me a opportunity. might b oni the oni chance to fight for a plc to be in the better team cos i dun wan to be plc in the ERM team, i wan to do the floor.

June was my first mth n it was a great one too. I was the top in scb for 2 weeks and ended the mth being the top4. I was elated. It was a morale booster for me as i did doubt myself at the beginning if i can stil make it in sales.

I wanna consistent results and i really really hope august would be a smashing mth. Im cracking my head to work out strategies that can work in my way. pray hard for me n i hope luck will follow me thru.

i feel shitty really cos not oni i have to face frustration from my work, i oso need to face problems with my peers. sometimes i think can all these shit issues just leave me alone.??? im so tired of dealing with all these shit. its like, okok -if u think u're right den ya, u're right. i dun have the strength to carry on.. do u guys understand.. i stressed enuff.

but ya, since running away isnt the ultimate solution, i have decided to make a final clarifications and i hope after that i need not have to face similar problems gg forward.

i will be very frank and honest abt my feelings cos i do not wan to be pretentious. so i hope watever the conversation takes us to, i hope that there is no one offended. there will b nothing but the truth.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

For an apology..
at least u did something..
den to act blur.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Back here again..

Its been quite a while since i last blog here.

anyways, I've been quite busy lately and my laptop crashes .. so tat explains y..

went JB yester with peng peng and louis + gf. my last visit was a long long time ago.. hmm.. its so much nicer there now lar.

photos not with me, will post up once i get hold of them..

on a side note, I'm so hook on 'an mo' aka massage nowadays lar. I did it like once a week at least now.. feel so shiok to be pampered... =)

Saturday, June 20, 2009




















Thursday, May 14, 2009

More Bags for U ??

My good friend just started out on an interesting idea..

its Bags rental.. branded ones to b exact..

Bags are all women's best friend and there is absolutely nothing like 'Enuff' for bags just like shoes.

Diff bags are always needed to suit our diff outfit..

Understanding to the needs of us, ladies. My Fren, Pris has started out this bag rental thingy.

Branded bags are not cheap esp in our current economic downturn, I'm sure everyone is thinking twice when making purchase.

Bags rental allows you to 'try' out the bag at very affordable prices.

Why say so much when u can see it urself right?

Do check out her sites .. - &

& if you are interested to rent or sell ur bag, you can contact her or myself for free space to advert ur own bag rental.

Did i mention the rental for the space?? - its absolutely FREE!!

What a good deal yeh.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

10 Q...

This post was delayed as i haven had time lately to go online..

Welll.. back to topic.. i wanna thanx all my lovely pretty gfs and yan dao bfs for their kind bday wishes, celebrations and pressie.

life seems much easier with you guys ard..always. sbf - still waiting for june for u to b back n listen to all my nonsense.

Yeh - my diana, me was already in the yun ding engrossed w my gambling when u beep me..

Like to Thank my dearest Amber ~ I love the book that u made to bits..! dictates all the events that we been thru and ur drawing don suck at all..

I love the Cutie Hello Kitty 8 treasure box(there is definitely more den 8 treasure) that ter gave me.. Sweet...

Of cos loving the Agnes B earrings and bracelet set that i almost wore everyday.. Thanks Bg much much. and u know wat, my colleagues tried to get me the LV thingy but it's OUT OF STOCK.. sighh.. wats new..

Lastly, thanx Qi, Ru & Bing for taking time out for the KTV session.. Bing was KTVing w me last yr on my bday as well.. hah.. guess we not much of an idea wat to do huh.. Of course, appreciate all the smses i gt.. Another yr older..!!! hmmmmm....

Thank Guys.. U rocks.

Love U...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!!

Yep. Im officially 1/4 of a century..

not at all excited anymore..

My Bday wish is no. 1 to stay and be healthy. The result of the recent medical checkup dont seem to b good.

2.I hope in the new environment I can achieve greater heights and meet great ppl as well.

3. Win lots of money as i am heading to genting in few hrs time.

4. Become prettier and prettier as the number of candles on my bday cake increases.

I used to grumble and blame life a lot. Though I'm sure i am not the only one doing so, i realise i have changed that attitude of mine.

I smiled at even simple things, no longer craving for big happenings and totally hate competition and the rat race that is going on for everyone.

I now enjoy simple activities and feel its alright to fall and I just have to learnt and not repeat my mistake.

no longer being influence or pressurise. im glad for what i am now.

I just hope to LIVE my own dreams.

Thanks all for the well wishes and pressie.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

10-4-2009 bday celebration

We are just so crazy.
Love it.
Had tons of fun.
Thanks for the lovely gifts and well wishes.
I will Jia you!!!
I am already missing all !!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

day out..

wee.. went dating today with peng peng.. we went for movies.. Shinjuku Incident.

The movie is just awesome.. i love it.. i give it a 4.5 popcorn rating..

i nearly cried too.. Guess Jackie's movie is as great as ever.. nv grow sick of it..

it set me thinking - we fought so hard in our life journey just to obtain the so called 'wants' in our life to lose even greater things in life..

if one can be contented.. life is definitely much easier and happier.. the problem with us is that we are often lost and force to slog and fight for better things in life because of the pressure from the external environment.

so tired of the rat race.. i'm glad i have opt out of the race.. and definitely hope ppl will give up trying to drag me into it again. i hate competition. i just wan to achieve wat i set for myself.

of cos after movie, we dig at some good pizza and ice cold beer at timbre.. i need alcohol to sleep well nowadays..

Sunday, March 29, 2009

1/4 of a Century..

Yes.. i soon 1/4 of a century..

i rem i had a wonderful celebration last yr with all my best mates present..

i felt really wonderful n thankful for them being ard all these yrs.

reading back the blog i wrote for the past one yr.. realise this yr passes by so quickly..

it has been quite a changing yr for me.. i learnt a lot as i stumble and fall..

being a 1/4 of a century has to mean more den just getting an additional candle on the bday cake..

it has to mean more achievement like career advancement, a thicker wallet, wiser life choices, prettier, and knowing own life's direction ~ at least, in my opinion.

i hope i can b close to those soon.. not anymore a lost sheep..

good luck, A-de.. keep striving to greater heights..

(oops.. i just made my advance bday wish!!)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


i'm currently blogging from my office... its a damn bad thing to be doing but i'm totally falling aslp.

Work has been so slack n relax - all thanks to the thrashy economy now..

i almost thought i'm in my retirement..

everyday, i surf net for 3 solid hrs before i tab the screen over .. focus on work for another 3 hrs..

i hr more after dins and Im officially done for the day...

good or bad.. a v v fine line in between...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Simple things in life...

I realise i haven been going out for a long period of time..

i used to spent numerous hours walking aimlessly in town be it weekends or weekdays..

and thinking that its a waste of time or life in spore is so boring

slowly.. going out weekdays become an impossible...

and slowly... weekends too...

I 'wow' at every changes as i drove past the lonely quiet streets of orchard at midnight 2. 3 am..

and only den to realise when is the last time i actually dress up properly and head up to the streets in town..

- I lost the privilege of even walking aimlessly on the busy streets...

Life is a bitch, or are we? For we tend to only realise something is important only when we lost it...

how sad is that...

Well, i heading now for my CLEO mag to keep my eyes occupy with the beautiful dresses and shoes..

tats my life.


Sunday, March 08, 2009

Thanks SBF - yk and bing bing for your encouragement...

i have oso come to a decision.

life wont to be much of a bitch with supportive frens ard.. despite distance as well..

SBF - u must jia you over there too.. dying for you to be back to fill you in everything...!!

Friday, March 06, 2009


I have been so troubled recently..

thinking whether I shld move on or shld i stay put - career wise.

Its always hard when decision are to be made esp. if it concerns money..

& I'm getting way too comfortable in my current environment.. feeling so lazy to start all over again in a new environment..

or perhaps i'm just getting old.. cant accept wrong decision made and having to go thru yet again the 'get to know new people' phrase..

i got N numbers of concerns.... *frustrated*

can god just point me the best path to take....please......

Sunday, March 01, 2009

A Re-Cap

I posted the below on my blog in 2006..

I felt it makes so much sense n decided to re-post it again.

Time for Reflectionsssss.....

We lose ourselves as we grow. Day by day, routine by routine, and at the end of it all, we’re more tired than we have ever been. And we grow up wondering why. Wondering why as we grow older, our birthday cakes never taste as good as the previous year’s. Wondering why we walk so much quicker and see so much less recently. Wondering why, for all the work we’ve put in over the years, we end up with merely this. Wondering why we always remember things yet to be done, yet cannot remember the things others do for us. Maybe it’s time to redefine the function of the memory. To readjust priorities to the realisation that certain things that used to matter a lot - a trim waist, a perfect love,a perfect figure, a perfect everything - matter less in the bigger scheme of things.

Moving on with L.I.F.E

things happen often in a not so favourable way for me..

& as i progress, i seen n learnt the ugly side of life and people i known for the longest time..

disappointment is an understatement.

but what could i do if that's ultimately their choice.

I could safely say now that i have decided to give up n move on.

'I did not choose to give u up, U DID'.

On a lighter note, I have been so into my 'new' hobby n khakis.. guess its always exciting to b so random.

Awaiting the next weekend... ~Weeeeeee

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A reason to celebrate

I was told of a very wonderful news today by one of my closest mate..
Though i cant reveil much now but babe I'm soo happy for you ..!!
lets rock n roll to celebrate..

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

In good companyy

me is back to town.. had so much trouble booking this trip as all the resorts are so full on their valentine package..

so much news abt recession and retrenchment, i wonder are we really in one???

nevertheless, we finally landed on one sweet deal.

guess the higlight of the the package is the 3 hr spa which i have been so excited abt - which includes a foot scrub, body scrub, body mask, massage n a hydro bath *wink wink*

the spa is really great, can feel my skin is glowing now.. *beams*

& & the view of the spa is magnificant!

spa in the middle of the sea ... the whole ambience is relaxing n wonderful.. (u can even see boats passing by!!) cant describe it.. gotta to go n experience urself..

feel so recharge now..

life is beautiful... again

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Exploring the tiny town

When most of the ppl is spending their Saturday to spring clean their house, the lazy me simply refuses, although my room is still in a complete mess.

Saturday is spent exploring.


We went to several places that has been around for the longest time bt yet we haven really 'check it out'.

We went to try the famous - most visited by artise, Bat tuk teh @ Balestier.

Nice food they have.

then, we are off to the jewel box .... *nice nice*

they got more up class eateries there but we settle for MoonStone to chill n enjoy the night scencery..

after which, we went to Prive as some of our frens haven been there yet.. the plc is surprising not pack...

for supper, we have intially wanted to go to some of our usual places but on the way, we saw a eye catching chill out area which we simply find it hard to resist.

there we go again... to the west end boutique restaurant...

comfortable surroundings and we manage to catch the man u n bolton match...

It is so more den common for us to complain abt the boring small island.. but yet there are still some places we haven been there...! there are still plenty of places worth checking out...

N n n..... we have decided to island search all the makan places lost n found weekly (depending on our schedules) and the person who search out the not so nice food of the week willl be severly Punish!!!!! =)

hahah.. so exciting.. cant wait for the search to begin...


Monday, January 12, 2009

Weekend Movie

Caught the long awaited RED CLIFF II on saturday...

Was soo eager and excited over the movie.. however, i feel its a little disapointing..

Part I was better, i felt.

Keep me on the edge on my seat but there was more laughter for II.

Well, whats your take?

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

31st Dec 2008
marks the last day of the yr.
its the beginning of a brand new yr soon.
its time to evaluate what has been done for the yr...
during skool time, we call it the report book.
so what have you achieve during this yr?
have you show & spend enuff love care & concern for ur love ones?
did you manage to stick to ur action plans to achieve ur goals?
if you din manage to stick by ur resolution, heres another chance for u..
its 2009 soon.. in hours time..
set right ur goals and stick close to it.
i wish u n myself the best in the coming brand new yr!!
Yr 2008 has been peaceful for me..
i hope yr 2009 will b a wonderful yr filled with joy, wealth n good health for me.
gotta start writing down all my 2009 goals..
share it with you soon.
happy new yr!
Huat ah.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Xmas is just round the corner..!

Everyone been busy gettin gifts and attending xmas party..

This yr, its a lot quieter for me den the usual.

Nothing good or bad. just felt more distant from the world again.

I have choosen a slightly diff career as compared to what I have been doing since i graduated from poly.

I have been there for abt a yr.. I have to admit a lot of things changes ever since then..

My lifestyles, relationships with frens and family, even my character... its no longer the same as before.

I guess we call that 'sacrifices'.

I dun regret making the decision, we gain & lose something along the way...

I love end of yr.. not only the is a good reason to pamper myself with gifts again, I love making new yr RESOLUTION!!!

I remember one of my new yr resolution few yrs back was to have a new bf.. It came true in a way - i lost my bf that v yr...

anyway, new yr resolution is FUN.. Im already making the list and making sure I'll stick to it.

Last of all, I wish all my friends and love ones - A MERRY MERRY XMas...!!

Love u, all.....

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Im currently on leave again.. *beams*

always feel great to b not working....

Xmas is round the corner.. I have taken 4 days off to do some xmas shopping and hoping to 'beauty' up myself..

Went to 'Indulge' with eski on sat..

a nice cosy restaurant... along the road facing the old dhl balloon..

yup, if u are a reader of xiaxue, that is the plc she recommended/ did a review before..

for ppl who are still cracking their head for a plc to being their love ones for a nice and quiet xmas dinner... i think the plc is worht checking out...

i haven been on the streets again so din really feel the xmas festive mood..
but just the other day, just by flipping thru the magazines i have the sudden urge and 'feel' for xmas...!!!

cant wait to shop.. and yes.. i'll be heading out tml...

wish my wallet best of luck!!!! ;p

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Are ur frens an indicator of ur life??
If I din make myself clear, i meant does wat kind of frens you have determine the kind of person you become?
i think its kinda true
i see young couples having no problem getting married and even having kids.
the next thing i know its that the grp of frens they hang out with are with the same situtation.
so the ones who loves to doll themselves up will have a grp of pretty frens..?
& those that loves adventure will not have boring frens..??
maybe we call that influence???
i was just feeling free and randomly wrote the above..

talking abt frens.. i have but i dun think we are as close as before..

maybe its just me.
nothing beautiful happens..
if it does, its only for a while..
all gd things come to an end, but not bad things..
its bedtime.

Photos from CS party

din took many photos cos amber left her cam in the car!!
which is like thousand miles away from the beach..
the staff party reminds me of the one I had when i was with UOB.
its the siloso...again. =)
guess im kinda 'you yuan' with that beach..

Monday, November 24, 2008

Back to Reality....

tml is back to reality..
Its work work work from tml...
my 2 weeks long break ended in a flash.
I enjoyed living like a normal being.
waking up in the late morning, having lunch & dinner with frens.
no longer having my meals at LPS & LPS oni...
I began to oso think if I should still stay at where i am.
dilemma dilemma...
lets hope someone will give me more insights so that i make a better decision.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

New Love..

Has been wanting to blog about my new love but hasn't gt the time till nw..

Last sunday, went shopping with amberlina and I bought this!!!! Sorry, I mean WE bought this!

Amber & I went ga ga seeing this lovely newly arrival bag...

And ta dah.... both of us decide to get one of this each!

It was nt easy getting it as we had to ran all 3 LV stores to finally lay our hands on it as it was all sold out.

Thanks Amber, you made this shopping so spontaneous.. haha.. & i steal the pic from ur blog.. =P

I'm feeling the impact of the crunch already.. Lets hope we can have other chances of such but mayb... less costly.. hee...

The happy us @ coffeeclub...

New Love..

Thursday, October 23, 2008

All for a Good Cause...

Leaving behind all my unhappiness & troubles...

Here I am..

Heading to a nearby land for a good cause.

Im gg to Indon to build houses for the villagers there..

Seem the slides of the living condition there,

to be truthfully, I a bit worried now if I can be up to it..


However, I glad I can do my bit for the society..

& I hope with the 2 days, I can have a clearer and stronger mind..

& Be the Adeline, I wan..


Monday, October 20, 2008

my life suckss.
when can all these end.
nv felt so lousy before.
I lost myself
& I hate it.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Chris's Bday @ arena - 24/8

Would like to wish my sbf again: Happy bday!!
I hope u'll be happy and cheerful always...
forget abt the unhappy past
& live to the fullest...
no matter wat comes...
u always have us with you...

It was an awesome night.
filled with fun & laughter...

my dearies....
no matter how environment changes,
no matter how ppl changes,
i hope our friendship will remain as awesome as it is.. always..

chloe, thomas, me, chris..
the 'super' 4...

the pretty us..
my darlings...

me & my chole...

us with the bday boy....


leo, me, eski, vin..

Overdue pictures - 25/7 @ arena

Andy Ong's bday...

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back to the TINY DOT....

Hey peeps... I'm back from my splendid trip - Hk - SZ - Macau.

Been so bz ever since i came back...


Not long after i arrived back in Sing, I have to rush down to my SBF - Yao Kun'd bday party..

It was soo tiring.. cos i din slept for more den 24 hrs.. think ard 30plus hrs i think....

but no matter wat... all of them knew that i will still be there...@ yk's party...

surviving thru the 'shaggness'.. I had a great time there...

I think we all did.. *=)*

The plan wasnt suppose to be so.. but i was trapped in Macau, all thanks to the typhoon...

my flight was cancelled..

sent a lot of unnecessary money be cos of that as well...

not to mention the DAMAGE done while i'm in HK....

HK was great.. AWESOME...

i went to so many other places .. new places that i din venture to last yr when i was there...

Endless shopping.. n snacking...

I shopped every day at least for 12 hrs straight..

amazing huh...

my feet hurts like mad though...

I went to great restaurants too.. they have nice ambiance!

Love it!!

HK is amazing as always....

always leaving me a BURNT pocket..


will try to post photos up soon.....

And yar, saw ICE's blog...

thanks yar.. *appreciate* really..

n take care ger... hope to see you real soon...

and pertaining to ur qns... i din missed out anyone...

i juz din count myself in...

6 as always....


Thursday, August 14, 2008

especially for u..

Just as i complete my last post,

yes.. a v short one..

I went to pearl's blog to see if she has gt any new updates.

u might not know that i actually read my fren's blog that is pasted on my blog v frequently.

so freq that sometimes i can visit them everyday for any new updates..

today was a bit diff...

after reading pearl's blog...

i scroll and explore her blog a bit and realise the ppl she has on her reads...

i saw familiar names.. too familiar name...

n i went to read them to oni realise that they have their blog already for some time....

n i oni realise it nw...

i felt... ashamed..

they are my good frens..

frens for 11 yrs.. since sec 1...

been thru and witness every major ups and down in my life....

today, i realise .. its a long while since i saw everyone of them...

5 to b exact... frm the 'bang' grp..

and oso yiru...

i read in her post to oni realise that she has a new hair cut..!

& she look great!

i have no idea abt the happening of my dear fren's life...

sometimes, i felt alone...

like im in another sector, n could oni know more abt them thru a lifeless instrument - the internet...

I miss the time where i can meet them freely...

hearing them complaining abt their mandane work and their partners...

abt money nt enuff... abt their new buys...


i wish...

to regain such time...

hopefully one day.. soon....

miss u all, my dearies......


The first in 11 yrs...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

2 more days..

tats the time i need to endure before its hello Hong kong...!

Haven got anything really, except my air fares, accomodation and visa..

i realise being in this job, there is hardly time for myself and my love ones...

even packing up which i would nornally enjoy, has nt started.

dunno wat stuffs to bring....

n i haven got the program for my 7 days plan out!

feeling totally excited about the shopping and food over at HK... I better make sure everything is well plan n time is maximise for shopping...

if nt, i noe i will hate myself for it.

come to think of it, i haven been shopping in spore for donkey months...

maybe tat explains my excitement for this up coming shopping trip...

gotta really try packing tonight after work..

see you guys...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Finally Over...

I took a brave decision.

to had all of my 4 wisdom tooth remove..

today, early in the morning, I reached NDC at freaking 9ish for a briefing and our surgery is scheduled at 11am.

getting nervous when i saw patient roll out from the operation rm and started to complain abt the intense pain and nauseous.

i gt changed and rest a while on my bed to oni feel more n more regretful abt this decision.

i tt of running away..
but it would b so drama if i do so...

i tried to distract myself away frm the wild thoughts by playing some games on my iphone but still failed.

seeriously, i waited too long n had waited alone, which i belive was the main reasons for the fear angel to take the whole of me....

after 4 freaking hrs since i reached, finally its my turn.

when the nurse told me so, i dunno to feel happy or otherwise...

well, as a believer of mind over body and consistent 'self talk' to myself that I am able to make it thru, i walk in the O.R. still able to joke with the sugerons and nurse...

not too bad huh..

im quite a brave gal, i think =)

i was on full aesthetic, i only rem the last words before i fell deep into wonderland....

it was a v high feeling within seconds.....

i rem i was dreaming... if i din rem wrongly....

suddenly i heard a voice... calling out my name in a forceful tone....

i begin to regain conscious... feeling still high and i cant move any part of me expect my eyeball...

at that pt in time, i tot im still in the midst of the operation and felt so gan chong cos i dun wan to see what going on...!!!

luckily it was all over....

i was roll out to my own ward and i started to feel breathless and my throat hurts quite badly... - (for ur infor, the inserted a tube rite thru my nose to my throat... which caused my throat to hurt... )

at that instance i tot im gg to choke on my own saliva n die there w/o anyone realising... or run out of breathe...

the feeling sucks....

i was totally helpless.. i cant move... the bell to alert the nurse ws juz beside me but i juz cant reach.....

i was feeling super emo.... i cant do anythin.. nt even talk....

not even move my fingers....

& i had a tube still inserted into my wrist.....

dunno when, i started to teared.....

i hate myself for this stupid decision....

lying there, i felt im like waiting for death.......

after a while, wp came....

i think he was quite shocked to see the state im in....

i had blood bleeding onto my face and to the op gown im wearing......

brusies on my mouth....

i looked like i juz had a fight....

the moment i saw him, i cried even harder....

oni tears, no sound... i cant even produce the sobbing noise man....

seeing him, make me calm down...

and im glad there is someone coming for me.....

even now, my mouth still feels a bit numb on one side especially.

they had drill and cut up my gums and cut one of my tooth into pieces....

i took a photo of the them... hee.....

post it someother time....

i think they look cute... hah...

but nw i might b cute-er with a swollen face!!!!!


IT'S OVER....!!!! yeah............................